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Little Explorers, Big Adventures

Little Explorers, Big Adventures

Little Explorers, Big Adventures

A few little cubs joined us on the road for a week of adventure, because it’s never too early to start exploring!

From the very beginning of Will & Bear, exploring, adventure and life on the road have always been the core of everything we do and we are always striving to encourage and inspire a life lived outdoors.
We believe that being amongst nature reminds you of the importance to protect and preserve it whilst exploring its many wonders, and want to teach that too little explorers all over the world.
Our new kid's range, Will & Bear Cubs, was inspired by seeing our own littlest family members explore the outdoors, learning from mother-nature and watching them connect to their environments.
So we thought, what better way to instil this message and test-drive the new range than to go on a big adventure with our little explorers! We set off on a weeklong road trip with 2 cubs (Will’s niece & nephew) and no plans. 
Once we packed Marty AKA the adventure van, we set off to our first location: Weiss Beach, Murray River.
Next up was a visit to the infamous and very true to the name: Cactus Country, Vic. Wandering through the tall, overhead height cacti was just as fun for us, as it was the kids. It felt like we were worlds away, not just in Victoria!
Then it was time to hit the road again and head for Halls Gap where we visited the zoo, camped amongst the kangaroos and explored waterfalls.
On our final day in Halls Gap we met Will, the owner of the local Live Fast Café who lent us his truck for a little adventure day! The cubs were beyond excited to jump in the back from some off road fun.
After an epic time at Halls Gap, we jetted straight for Rapid Bay, S.A. Here we camped beachside, played endlessly by the sea, exploring the surrounding bays and finished with a night on the sand with our friends magical pink Kombi… the cubs were very excited to see a pink adventure mobile!
And just like that, one week was done and the little cubs were filled up with new experiences of sights, sounds, landscape and the simple way of life. There’s nothing like spontaneous, no-plans, kind of adventure with family, friends, and an open road... the way it’s supposed to be. 

Will & Bear Cubs range coming soon to online!

Launching July 2019.