1 Hat Sold, 10 Trees Planted


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It all started when we set out on a summer road trip around Tasmania, Aus. With the van packed we set off - there was only one thing to complete - find a good quality hat to shield the Australian sun. After looking in the obvious places we were left a little disheartened - sure there was hats out there but none that was reasonably priced, good quality and no brands that filled us with a sense of adventure.

Not willing to give up we kept our eyes on the prize. Until one day we stumbled into a second hand store. And there it was a vintage fedora hanging on the wall collecting dust. It was perfect! It carried the marks and scuffs of the previous owners journeys which seemed to only make it better. They were same as scuff marks on our leather boots and the dirt on the van.  It was definitely well travelled - the bad news was there was only one.


'Quality unisex hats designed for the road'

That moment in the second hand store had planted a seed. After many arguments about who got to wear the hat we decided to do something about it. We set out to create a unisex product that would gracefully carry the marks of the journey and get better with age.  A product that would complimented our simplistic but rough around the edges aesthetic, that wasn't going to break the bank and of course inspire adventurous living. A piece that when hung on the wall at home reminds of the many adventures to come & represents a hopeful future.

We believe giving back is an integral part of operating a responsible and sustainable business. Forests are our natural air filters and water factories. They are our respite, and place of peace. They help keep the climate stable, support our waterways, and offer jobs and prosperity to communities. Unfortunately 50% of the world forest are lost to deforestation.  With the outdoors being our playground it was only natural for us to give back to the environments we play in. That's why we have partnered with trees.org to plant ten trees for every hat sold. 

We chose Trees.org because they have demonstrated the transformative power of trees in helping people break out of the poverty trap while also addressing the global environment. Through their projects in West Africa they have demonstrated that "people can leave a legacy of opportunity through sustainable practices and productive lands for future generations". 

One Hat Sold, Ten Trees Planted

Hand-made from 100% Australian Wool

From the start sustainability played a major role is our designs and every business decision. Our hats are hand-made from 100% Australian wool by our expert hat makers in Inner Mongolia, PRC. Carrying on the family owned millinery business with 60 years experience in crafting quality headwear.

The raw wool is hand milled, dyed, pressed and finished with our all natural details. We are committed to producing lasting garments with all natural fibres. The fact that wool is naturally produced, biodegradable and renewable made this the perfect material for us to use. We ensure all our partners are Reach, fair-trade and SGS approved. Our commitment to continuing a thoughtful, responsible & sustainable business.

We have enjoyed the journey so far and look for to many more adventures to come. We are also hopeful for the future. A big thanks the community of amazing people around who made this all possible. Hopefully see you on the road!