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10 Photos that will blow you away!

10 Photos that will blow you away!

10 Photos that will blow you away!

Travel photographer Stefan Haworth shares his 10 best images from around the world.

Photography: Stefan Haworth

The well-traveled photographer is the epitome of Stefan Haworth. Specialising in Action sports and commercial photography, Stefan is based in the picturesque place of Queenstown, New Zealand. Traveling the globe for the last ten years has earned him a powerful and inspiring portfolio. Will & Bear ambassador and explorer Stefan has shared 10 of his best works within the past 10 years. We warn you; content ahead may increase the likelihood of flight booking and traveling planning!

1. 18°36’53.5”S 173°59’41.0”W 

Freediving amongst hues that are bluer than blue. She reaches the surface between ancient Caves of Vavau, Tonga.

2. 34°03’39.0”N 77°39’47.6”E 

From a dreamy state of sleep to exploring the Himalayan countryside. The many textures of morning mountains en route to the Monasteries of Ladakh, India.

3. 44°10’53.6”S 170°09’11.5”E

The base of Lake Pukaki, overlooking the valley beneath Mt Cook. Sunrises and sunsets are the most delicate time of day and so there’s no place we’d rather be.

4. 33°57’37.7”N 77°47’25.3”E

As the sun rises the birds take flight and we soar above. Exploring the ancient palaces of Ladakh, India at 11,000ft.

5. 21°10’06.6”N 94°51’22.6”E

Above the tips of the oldest buildings smothered in sun, not lacking in beauty; the ancient temples of Old Bagan Myanmar.

6. 38°44’11.9”S 143°40’56.1”E 

Straight from Bali, we explored the rugged coastline along The Great Ocean Road. There are no words that can describe our hearts on the road.

7. 45°03’04.0”S 168°41’48.4”E

What’s an epic trip surrounded by breathtaking scenery without good company? From mountains to coasts and back again makes for the best trip to New Zealand yet!

8. 48°56’57.9”N 90°04’00.7”E

Sharing the land with my new comrade during a much-needed rest of trekking through the Western Valleys of Mongolia. Despite my lack of riding experience, we both made it out alive.

9. 48°57’08.4”N 90°05’19.0”E

A constant battle of here or there, right or left, up or down. A fool to think YouTube could teach me how to steer.

10. 48°56’56.1”N 90°06’41.0”E

My eyes have seen many things but in the end, without a doubt, Mongolia changed my life. I set myself on the most ‘out of comfort zone’ adventure and I had succeeded.

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