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How-to Travel With Your Hat

How-to Travel With Your Hat

How-to Travel With Your Hat

Our hats are built for roaming, so we’ve developed accessories to keep them on the road with you. Our Carry Clips allow you strap to any backpack and keeps it out of the way so you can concentrate on what’s in front of you. Travel with your hat made simple.

alt='female traveller attaches Will & Bear hat onto backpack with Will & Bear Carry Clips'

Whether you’re in transit, in the field or storing your hat at home. These little accessories will keep your hat out of trouble.

alt='back pack against white wall with Will & Bear hat attached on front'

"Our Commitment - No hat left behind"

It’s not often we go anywhere without our hat but the nature of traveling made this impractical. There was simply no way to keep your hat safe when its not on your head. After many ideas we boiled it down to these simple clips. Our ongoing commitment is to continue to grow in this space and deliver you new ways to keep your adventure companion with you.


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