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Ranch, ride and relax with Buck

Ranch, ride and relax with Buck

Ranch, ride and relax with Buck
Man and woman with a horse wearing Buck Cowboy hat


Now that our Buck Cowboy hat is officially here, we can finally share some of its first adventures. What adventure could be more fitting that a day on a ranch in Central Oregan with our mate @wheretowillie and his friends Katie and Mark.

The Buck is not only intended to bring out your inner cowboy but also importantly serve a purpose and while it looks cool, it also provides the ultimate sun protection in the wide open plains of the wild.


Man riding a horse wearing Buck smoke black cowboy hat
Man and woman walking a horse wearing Buck Smoke Black and Oak Brown cowboy hats


Here in Central Oregon, there is a deep history of equestrian travel. To this day, over ¾ of the county is public land, travellable by foot and hoof, open for sleeping under the stars along the streams, open plans, and alongside inactive volcanoes that make up the Central Cascades. 

Ranches dot the landscape under the sweeping views of the Sister’s mountains, and that’s where we found ourselves on a sunny spring day, helping take care of and ride two beautiful horses, Katie and Mark. Eager to get some time in the saddle, and with the necessary tasks completed, it was time to tack up and get riding. There’s hardly a view more recognizable in the area than the silhouette of the peaks in the distance, which made for a great backdrop to spend some time riding our two horses. 


Woman grooming a horse wearing Buck Oak Brown Cowboy hat
Man saddling up a horse wearing Buck smoke black cowboy hat


The iconic cowboy hat that we know today dates back to 1865, and has continued to evolve along with the practices of ranchers of days past. Few things go together as well as horses and a good hat. Function and fashion in one classic piece. 

Looking to see if riding is for you? Try out one of these local ranches that offer experiences for different skill levels. 

Sunriver Horse Riding

Wilderness Horse Adventures


Woman wearing Buck Oak brown cowgirl hat
Man feeding horse hay wearing Buck Smoke black cowboy hat


Taking the horses in for the evening, the long central Oregon day wasn’t over yet, and a glass of wine and taking in the sunset felt like the right way to cap off our time with Mark and Katie. 


Man and woman wearing Buck Cowboy and cowgirl hats drinking wine sitting on a deck
Man and woman wearing cowboy hats and drinking wine


Oregon is quickly becoming known for it’s distinct wines, and a local favourite that you can wrap your own day is Merril Cellars, check out their tasting room before retiring for the evening. In true ranch fashion, tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities! 


Man wearing Buck smoke black cowboy hat while riding a horse


If you are thinking of visiting Central Oregon, it is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts and cultural aficionados alike. Here are some fun activities to consider:

  • Hiking and Biking: The region boasts a network of trails suitable for all levels. The Deschutes River Trail and Smith Rock State Park offer stunning views and challenging treks for hikers and bikers.
  • Fishing and Water Sports: With numerous lakes and rivers, activities like fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding are popular. The clear waters of the Deschutes River are ideal for fly fishing.
  • Golfing: Home to some of the best golf courses in the Northwest, including Pronghorn and Tetherow, golfers can enjoy world-class greens with spectacular views.
  • Cultural Events: Explore local art and history at the High Desert Museum or catch a show at the Tower Theatre in Bend.
  • Craft Breweries and Distilleries: Bend is known as the "Craft Brewery Capital of America." Touring local breweries like Deschutes Brewery or trying craft spirits at Oregon Spirit Distillers can be a delightful way to spend an afternoon.
  • Culinary Experiences: Savour the flavours of the Pacific Northwest by dining at farm-to-table restaurants or visiting local farmers' markets to sample regional produce and gourmet artisan products.

Each new day in Central Oregon offers endless possibilities for adventure and relaxation, ensuring that everyone can create their own unique experience in this diverse and dynamic region.

Follow the rest of William’s adventures on his Instagram page – @wheretowillie