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A tranquil getaway in Bells Beach

A tranquil getaway in Bells Beach

A tranquil getaway in Bells Beach

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and embark on an unforgettable journey to Bells Beach, a hidden gem nestled along the captivating coastline of Victoria, Australia. In this picturesque haven, where nature's beauty intertwines seamlessly with a vibrant local culture, discover how to make the most of your two days in this coastal paradise. From invigorating outdoor baths to idyllic strolls through the Otways, join the Vine Family as they don their Woodley Auburn's and share with us their weekend itinerary that ensures an enchanting and rejuvenating stay at Bells Beach.

 A man and a woman setting up a camp fire next to an off-grid cabin

A hand painted sign stuck to a tree trunk in the forest pointing towards Bells Beach

Where to stay: 

What a beautiful weekend away we had together at Bells Beach — just the two of us. A short 25-minute drive from Geelong, just off the Great Ocean Rd. We stayed at Rosina Beach Shack, a little off-grid cabin located amongst 10 acres of bushland. The block itself is a great spot for photos as well as the iconic Bells Beach only 2kms away.

Young adult couple wearing wide brim wool hats, hugging and standing on the deck of an Australian beach shack

A man with short hair is wearing a wide brim wool hat while sitting in an outdoor bath in the Australian bush

We enjoyed some lovely walks along the beach, as well as on the property, outdoor baths, sitting around the fire pit, reading, uninterrupted conversation… all the small things we took for granted pre-kids. We had slow breakfasts around the fire pit, picnics at the beach, and dinner at Blackman’s Brewery — Dale loves a craft beer but it’s the cauliflower pizza for me.

A young adult couple are on a bike with a front car cycling in the Australian bush, they are both wearing large wide brim hats

Things to do:

The Surf Coast has so much to see and do, with Torquay and Anglesea being so close, or you could go as far as Lorne to wander through the many waterfalls of the Otway's or go even further to the 12 Apostles. We love living so close to these stunning natural wonders and try not to take it for granted. Taking time to prioritise the two of us can be tricky to coordinate, but we so appreciate it when we can.

A man with short hair is wearing a wide brim hat while hiking through the Victorian bush

A close up of a woman with long blonde hair wearing a wide brim hat that has been decorated with native flowers and leaves

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