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The Open Road Soundtrack Vol.II

The Open Road Soundtrack Vol.II

The Open Road Soundtrack Vol.II

A monthly playlist curated by travellers for travellers.

If it’s anyone who knows the importance of having ripper tunes on a long road trip, it’s us. I mean, is there any better feeling than pressing play on a new track or having an old favourite come on and suddenly feeling riddled with nostalgia, teleporting you right back to that place or feeling of that memory you made years ago?
But we’re no stranger to the mundanity of the same playlist on heavy rotation for hours, weeks and even months on end and your ‘discover weekly’ just isn’t cutting it. I mean, there’s only so many times you can ask the same friends for new music, book and Netflix recommendations, right?
That’s where we come in… providing you with a new playlist every month curated by travellers for travellers, to keep those road trip vibes high!

Alex AKA Bear is our open road captain, always steering our van Marty in random directions, leading us to the most epic places. Born for life on the road, Bear sniffs out perfect surf spots, camping   

fields and hiking trails from miles away. Always rising with the sun and chasing the sunsets, Bear always seems to have the perfect song for every moment. This is Alex’s Open Road Soundtrack.


Raised by the road, Daiton Vike is one half of Atlas Darlings who he runs with wife Marie from their van. Growing up in vans and buses Daiton never lived in a ‘family home’ instead rolled along in their home on wheels for an entire childhood.   

Finally settling into a home for the first time at age 25, he called Sydney home for nearly 2 years. Now back on the road with his wife in their 1972 Kombi dubbed daisy, they call the open roads of Canada, home. This is Daiton Vike’s Open Road Soundtrack.


Complete as a family of four with their 13 year old rescue dog, Danielle and her tribe do life in South Australia. As a photographer and husband in the finance world, the two find any excuse to pack   

up the kids and head out in their renovated caravan ‘Ollie’. With many hours spent on the road, they sure know a tune or two. This is Danielle’s Open Road Soundtrack.


Currently living in Byron Bay, Mon grew up on the beautiful beaches of Victoria just near Torquay. Between surfing, solo camping missions and being apart of the Will & Bear team, Mon has travelled   

around the globe and completed the Australian east coast journey via car countless times. She’s got the good tunes dialled for any road trip long or short! This is Mon’s Open Road Soundtrack.


From photographing snow sports in Australia and Japan to chasing the Australian dream via every pub, caravan park and roadhouse, Nick knows a thing or two about a road trip. After growing sick of the constant cold climates of Snow Sports   

photography, Nick went on to study photography at uni and now works full time, mostly in his studio. With a simple yet ‘rough around the edges’ style, Nick’s work is one we’ve come to know and love. This is Nicks Open Road Soundtrack.