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The Open Road Soundtrack

The Open Road Soundtrack

The Open Road Soundtrack

A monthly playlist curated by travellers for travellers.

If it’s anyone who knows the importance of having ripper tunes on a long road trip, it’s us. I mean, is there any better feeling than pressing play on a new track or having an old favourite come on and suddenly feeling riddled with nostalgia, teleporting you right back to that place or feeling of that memory you made years ago?
But we’re no stranger to the mundanity of the same playlist on heavy rotation for hours, weeks and even months on end and your ‘discover weekly’ just isn’t cutting it. I mean, there’s only so many times you can ask the same friends for new music, book and Netflix recommendations, right?
That’s where we come in… providing you with a new playlist every month curated by travellers for travellers, to keep those road trip vibes high!

Born and bred in Queenstown, Stefan was set up with an outdoor lifestyle from the get-go. As a Photographer and Sony Ambassador, it has given Stefan the chance to live adventure year round, not just on the weekends. Stefan lives for travelling on the road, surrounding himself with beautiful   

people in stunning scenes, then capturing the adventure, telling honest stories. And with anything, the massively epic highs come with the stress of lows but that is exactly what this legend thrives on because, well, that’s just part of the experience. This is Stefan’s Open Road Soundtrack.


1 - Unleaded 91 - The Butlers
2 - Bullets in the wind - Mantaraybryn
3 - Breath again - Couros
4 - Moments - Kidnap, Leo Stannard
5 - Heart of gold (cover) - Passenger

Matty and Heather are both good friends of us here at Will & Bear and we’re not exploring together or camping out around the fire these two legends are living an epic wholesome life. With Matty working as a director, producer and a maker-of-things (with a history of extended forays) he also dabbles in spear fishing, free diving and searching for waves around the world.   

Heather, the other half of this dynamic duo, is a lover of whole-systems theorem, and when she’s not surfing or rummaging through the forest, she can be found brewing home beer, drying foraged and home-grown herbs, gardening and breaking bread. Both lovers of a good adventure and road trips this is Matty and Heathers Open Road Sountrack.


1 - Anything contextual to the location (eg. Onda Vaga in South America)
2 - Africa - Amanaz
3 - I'm on Fire - The Boss
4 - Funkadelic - Maggot Brain' Eddie Hazel
5 - Caleb Myer - Gillian Welch

Nat is a co-founder of a Byron Based Co-working studio, The Corner Palm and not-for-profit, Clean Coast Collective. Along with her partner Dan, the two have spent at least 70% of their relationship sitting in cars, criss-crossing around the country including a 7 month stint travelling the Australian Coastline cleaning beaches.   

Most years they take a big group of Volunteers on a 10 day road trip from Cairns to Cape York to clean a section of coastline. And on every other working day, you’ll find them building a strong community of freelancers and conscious living creatives at The Corner Palm. This is Nat’s Open Road Soundtrack.


1 - Spirit Bird - Xavier Rudd
2 - Another Story - Burna Boyn
3 - Cranes - Solange
4 - Natural Woman - Kaiit
5 - Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House

Neri and Manu are lovers, travellers and the powerhouse behind Ottway The Label. Founded on the Victorian Coast of Aus, Ottway The Label offers timeless, unisex designs for storytellers, created in the footprints of two   

spirited voyagers with a deep respect for Nature, exploration and tradition. We’re stoked to know they were inspired by us here at Will & Bear and so began their journey. This is Ottway The Label’s Open Road Soundtrack.


1 - Kaffekluben -Camel Power Club
2 - Sympathy for the devil - Rolling Stones
3 - Island in the Sun - Weezer
4 - A1 - Darkside
5 - Twilight driving - Methyl Ethel

Yaga is a purposeful production company born in Byron Bay, made up of a small collective of film makers and photographers. Believing in the cyclic nature of things and the promotion of positivity,   

Yaga creates content that drives education, inspires action and enables change. They travel a lot too with a strong preference to sleep under the stars. This is Yaga’s Open Road Soundtrack.


1 - Icehouse - Great Southern Land
2 - LCD Soundsystem - Home
3 - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Run through the Jungle
4 - Fletwood Mac - Albatross
5 - Warumpi Band - Waru

Loz (AKA Will) is one of the founders and owners of Will & Bear along with her side kick & partner Alex (AKA Bear). Currently travelling Australia, Loz and Alex live in their vintage Volkswagen van dubbed ‘Marty’ and have set up their home on wheels to be everything    

from a relaxing lounge room to an epic office space, running their entire business from Marty. It’s safe to say that Loz has spent her fair share of hours on the road, clocking up some serious music time. This is Loz’s Open Road Soundtrack.


1 - Can't buy the Mood - Tora
2 - YaYaYa - RY X
3 - Josephine - Ritual
4 -  In Time - Talos
5 - Are you all good? - London