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The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road

5 Reasons to visit The Great Ocean Road

If you haven’t yet travelled the Great Ocean Road, we, as true blue Victorians strongly suggest that you do. Call us biased, but this spectacular stretch of long winding road is one of the most incredible coastlines we’ve ever seen and we’re always finding reasons to head back. Yes we agree, it can be pretty chilly down there at times but what it lacks in hot days and balmy nights it makes up for in epic camp spots, secluded surf breaks, and waterfalls. It’s the perfect stretch of coast for anyone who loves a good road trip or is living the van-life dream! Still not sold? Let us give you our 5 reasons to travel The Great Ocean Road.

1. View from the road

As you wind your way through endless left and right bends, the cliffs beside you are covered in thick native scrub and the cliffs below you show the exposed rugged coastline of crashing waves and glistening ocean. If you start your journey from Torquay you’ll be in the perfect lane to view the ocean and coastline uninterrupted by passing cars. And, when you’re ready to make your way back down, you’ll get to soak in the views of thick forest foliage and native growths along the tall cliffs on the other side. If the swell’s good that day, expect most side-road car parks to be full with eager surfers ready to head out for some waves.


2. Camp Spots

We could go on and on about places to camp along the Great Ocean Road but we think it’s best left to the explorer to find their own favourites, so here are a few of ours:



Cumberland River - Just 7km South West of Lorne, this dreamy camp spot is full of lush greenery and soft grass campsites running along the riverbed and just a short cross over the road you’ll find yourself at the beach.



Kennet River – Just 20 minutes from Wye River, Kennet River has heaps of rad stuff to do including a beautiful bushwalk, wildlife spotting and epic surf break too. Each campsite has access to a fire pit and there are plenty of powered and unpowered sites to choose from.

 Johanna Beach – 35km west of Apollo Bay, Johanna Beach is a long stretch of open beach with some seriously good waves. With campsites nestled behind the dunes, this is the perfect place to settle in for the weekend (or after a long day of driving). A few boards and a few best mates, this is the spot!




3. Surf

Famous breaks like Bird Rock, Bells Beach, Winki Pop, and Point Addis are a few of the many surf spots dotted along the Great Ocean Road with plenty of other hidden gems around every corner. If you have time, spend a few days in Torquay before heading off on the road so you can score yourself some epic waves, whatever size and style you like.



4. 12 apostles

The 12 Apostles are large limestone stacks located just offshore at Port Campbell. These iconic natural monuments stand alone out at sea and have slowly over time begin to collapse, leaving only 8 left standing. With four missing they’re still the gigantic beautiful limestone stacks that we will never get sick of. This is the perfect place to take a break and enjoy lunch with a view.


5. The Kombi Convoy

Always wanted to cruise down the Great Ocean Road in a kombi? Well now you can! Our friends over at Hire A Kombi give people the opportunity to explore this incredible coastline at their own pace, in vintage style. And there’s no better feeling than seeing another kombi drive past with an arm out the window waving or throwing up a peace sign. It’s like an unofficial club with an unspoken rule… always wave to your fellow kombi crew!


Photography: Stefan Haworth & Alexander Knorr