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Summer straw styled three ways by Kendall Baggerly

Our favourite van life adventure lady @kendallbaggerly, has been spending her Summer days in the South West of Western Australia, of course in her Will + Bear Rider Bone straw hat.

From light and basic linen to beach attire, Kendall shows 3 ways to style Rider Bone from the road.

Outfit one | White linen pants & cotton shirt

Outfit two | Cream jeans & brown tank

Long road trips with Vance, their home home on wheels, frolicking in crystal blue rock pools and playing with her pup at sunset, is exactly how Kendall and her partner Glenn have been spending their time in the West.

Outfit three | Brown swimsuit

Kendall has proved just how versatile the Rider Bone really is for every adventure, which is exactly why we love this style so much!

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