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Summer Camp - Australia

Summer Camp - Australia

Summer Camp - Australia

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Gather. Create. Play. Learn 

Gather to ground ourselves, and pause for a few days of good old fashion fun. From long table dinners to morning yoga sessions,  and craft class to canoeing. Summer Camp is a reminder to enjoy the little moments, get creative with those who inspire you and have a little fun.

At Will & Bear, our extraordinary community is the bedrock of our journey. We find never ending inspiration in the remarkable people who surround us and extend our heartfelt gratitude to those who have been our supporters from day one.

We recently embarked on an adventure to The Woods Farm, Jervis Bay, alongside some of our dearest community members. Here, we immersed ourselves in the pleasures of life, sipping champagne and beer, indulging in delicious food prepared over open flames, and surrendering to the rhythm of life as we danced under the stars.


camp intro


Day 1: As we welcomed our beautiful community members, we embraced the magic of turning virtual friends into real-life companions. The warmth of finally embracing our online friends in person was immeasurable.

With our new friends, we poured glasses of champagne from our favourite Down the Rabbit Hole Wines and sipped from our Wandering Folk goblets. We gifted our guests brand-new hats, including the just-released Buck Bone, an upcoming range of caps, and an exciting addition on the horizon – the Explorer.

Our friends were also generously gifted Wandering Folk's soon-to-be-released beach towels, books from Axel & Ash, coffee from our dear friends at Kombi Koffee, and brand-new backpacks for the kids, courtesy of Grown Clothing.


camp dinner


As the afternoon set in, we made our way to the veggie patch, where we crafted DIY pizzas amidst the lavender plants in the garden and in the company of pet chickens. The skilled team from The Woods Farm joined in the festivities by cooking wood fired oven pizzas for everyone.

After dinner, an obligatory visit to the goats was in order, especially after they welcomed two adorable new additions to their clan. Even Jill the camel joined the fun, enjoying the carrots left behind from dinner.

 Camp dinner


The evening unfolded with an epic short film, crafted by the talented creatives of Solside Studio who we loved having at camp with us. 

Following this, we gathered around the gelato cart, our hearts and minds captivated by Matty Hannon's inspiring documentary, 'The Road to Patagonia,' highly recommended by every person at the camp.


Outdoor movie night


Day 2 - Early morning found us at 'The Cove', a short drive from the Woods Farm, where we immersed ourselves in a seaside yoga session led by the beautiful Lucy from Inner States. We set intentions for our time together and dissolved into the earth during the savasana. The morning feast that followed, highlighted by waffles amidst an abundance of fresh fruit, it’s all about the balance.


Morning yoga


Post-breakfast, we ventured out on stand-up paddleboards, enjoying the salty fresh water, while the little ones took their beachside naps. We returned to camp, ready to enjoy a relaxing afternoon, getting creative with some art work on our hats.


Stand up paddle boarding


While we were all at the Cove, Kiri and Lachie from 'The Slow Road' were busy crafting an epic feast over open flames. This celebration marked the launch of their new cookbook, a must-read for everyone! We savoured Ceviche, slow-cooked Moroccan lamb, and the most delicious fried bread you have ever tasted.


Outdoor dinner


With glasses of rose and red wine from Down the Rabbit Hole wines, the music swelled, and the dance floor beckoned. Will led the way in a fun display of boot-scootin' beneath the stars.


outdoor cooking for dinner


Day 3 - Our third day commenced with a breakfast spread by the pool, a feast that left us feeling ready for the day. We fed the farm animals and summoned local birds for their morning feed before dancing away our cares during morning meditation, accompanied by the local peacock.


morning yoga


The remainder of the day unfolded in a symphony of relaxation and shared inspiration.

We feel so moved by the extraordinary individuals who came together to make this camp an experience beyond our wildest dreams.


Group photo



Buck Bone


Thanks to our community who all contributed to make this event what it was. 

Venue: The Woods Farm 

Outdoor Cook Wear: Barebones Living & Barebones Living Australia

Cook: The Slow Road 

Rugs, towels and all things pretty: Wandering Folk 

Yoga & meditation: Inner States

Drinks: Down The Rabbit Hole Wines

Short Film: Solside Studio 

Short Film: Kendall baggerly

Short Film: Glen Ferguson

Short Film:  Oakie on Film

Short Film: Reece Markham

Documentary: Matty Hannon

Kombi Connectors & Good vibes: Hire a Kombi 

Journals: Axel & Ash 

Coffee: Kombi Coffee 

Story Teller: Alex Cohen 

Photographer: Brook James