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Our Greatest Adventure Yet

Our Greatest Adventure Yet

Our Greatest Adventure Yet

Our very first road trip as Will & Bear, and our greatest adventure yet.

Photography: Stefan Haworth


We’ve dug deep into the archives to bring you the first ever Will & Bear road trip just 2 years ago. Joined by our friends Stefan, Manu, and Neri we had 10 days of no plans, epic excited crew and an old Land Cruiser. 10 days of pure epic adventure. From snow-capped mountains to rolling hills and golden sunsets, we were stoked to be exploring New Zealand and all its offerings. This trip was the start of a deep love for the land, and no matter how many times we return to its magical landscapes, this very first trip has our hearts.

1. 43°37’14”S 170°07’41.0”E 

When the beauty of Mt Cook is just as incredible from afar in Calloway Ash.

2. 44°39’39.0”S 167°55’47.6”E 

P1: From exploring high above the land in a helicopter, to stepping out and exploring on foot in Calloway Ash. P2: Taking a little rest to admire the views of Milford Sound in Calloway Fawn and Foster Green.

3. 44°39’39.0”S 167°55’47.6”E

The moment we fell in love with Milford Sound and its rolling hills.

4. 44°35’59.7”S 169°40’15.3”E

AP1: Winding roads between muted browns, the beauty of Lindis Pass. P2: Losing track of time in golden fields is always better with friends.

5. 44°39’39.0”S 167°55’47.6”E

Good tunes, good company and cold beers at sunset. The moments we live for. Featuring William Brown, Calloway Ash & Foster Green

6. 43°41’25.9”S 170°07’10.1”E 

P1: Rugged up and ready to hit the road towards Mt Cook in Calloway Fawn. P2: That addictive feeling of almost there being half way up Mt Mueller hiking trail William Black.

7. 43°41’25.9”S 170°07’10.1”E

Our epic crew super stoked to have made it to Mt Mueller hut in time for sunset.

8. 43°24’57.9”S 170°10’40.7”E

P1:Will loving life on the road and in the sky in Foster Green! P2: The epic window views en route Franz Joseph Glacier.

9. 43°24’57.9”S 170°10’40.7”E

Touchdown on Franz Joseph Glacier with a plane full of excited crew ready to explore. Featuring Foster Green, Calloway Ash, Calloway Fawn & Tasman Blue

10. 44°31’56.1”S 170°46’23.0”E

P1: Long days of adventure can only end with hot tubs in the middle of Omarama's landscape in Calloway Fawn & Calloway Ash. P2: The stillness of this land and it's glassy morning reflections

Never bored of it's beauty and mystery, the land of NZ lay begging to be explored. And so with good company and curious minds we did just that. A trip hard to beat and an adventure of a lifetime.