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Meet Stefan Haworth

Meet Stefan Haworth

Meet Stefan Haworth

Stefan Haworth, a photographer from Queenstown. Growing up in the mountains and exploring coastlines led to a lifestyle many envy. He travels the world photographing some of the most immense cultures and wild countries, creating videos and imagery that is shown in magazines, adverts for big brands.

Welcome to the Will & Bear Family

Upon talking to Stefan about how he got into Photography, it was clear it was a genuine passion. It was also clear that he's hyperactive for an office job, we well understood that.

He spoke of inspirations, "It's always changing, its the people who go off the beaten track, do something that no guide book can help with. Ones that get in trouble. It's those sort. Thats the imagery I like to see, they tell a true story"

We're stoked to team up with him, with beers around the campfire on the NZ trip, naturally we talk about life on the road and towards projects/builds we have in mind. Tiny homes, campers, homemade skateboards, It's pretty cool to see some plans coming together this year.

Stefan's videos from the road