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Laura Alyce Bell - 7 Questions to inspire

Laura Alyce Bell - 7 Questions to inspire

Laura Alyce Bell - 7 Questions to inspire

We sat sipping coconuts as the sun went down in Nusa Lembongan and asked Laura what keeps her inspired. 

1. Where do you currently call home? Why? What do you like about it?

Melbourne! I was born in Melbourne and after moving abroad at the age of 8, I settled back here with my family at the age of 16 and haven't left since. Except for a 10 month travel period through The Americas and other overseas adventures. I love Melbourne because it has absolutely everything - beaches, mountains, snow, forests, every type of food you can think of, awesome shopping, music... the list goes on. Only downfall is the weather!


2. What's something you're working on at the moment? Why are you looking forward to it?

I'm currently working on expanding my body of work which is super exciting. I still work full time so it is hard to dedicate everything I need and want to photography, but it is a work in progress. I have mainly done tourism work since I started out but I am striving towards delving more into the commercial side of things and content creation. I love travel and always will and hope to always pursue photography through that but I’m looking forward to exploring other avenues. It is exciting

3. Tell us about a conversation or experience you've had recently that inspired you...

A lot of people inspire me in different ways and even though I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Instagram, some of the stories that are shared via the Instagram community are really inspiring. Hearing about where certain photographers came from, how they got to where they are, the struggles they experience etc can be really inspiring especially when I am feeling a bit flat about my photography career.


4. Where was your last adventure?

Last adventure was through South East Asia - I had a photography tourism gig in southern Thailand and then finished off with a personal trip in Bali with my fiancé and fam. You can always count on friends being in Bali at the same time no matter when you visit which is very handy! Never ending good times!

5. We know all adventures have ups and downs, can you share with us best and worst parts of this adventure?

South East Asia is amazing for so many reasons - the beaches are stunning, you can do a bit of everything - lay on the beach and do nothing, go hiking in the jungle, island hop - not to mention it is cheap, the food is delicious and the local people are SO beautiful! Of course hiccups occur though and this usually starts with the language barrier. We often ended up in places a lot later than expected due to traffic jams, leaving later than we should have etc, which meant missing out on certain activities but I think if you go expecting these things to happen it doesn't seem as bad. There is no sense of urgency in Asia with the locals which is actually refreshing in one way because in Australia everything is rushed, rigid and to a schedule so it’s nice to have a break from that.


6. If you could travel anywhere with anyone where would you go and who would you take. And why?

There aren't many places I wouldn't want to go, but lately I have been thinking a lot about Mongolia and Nepal. I would definitely take my best travel companion - my best mate and future hubby, Marty. Marty is up for absolutely anything, is the type of guy that will ONLY eat the street food, and relaxes me when I'm being a drama queen. He finds every reason why we SHOULD do something rather than why we shouldn't. Constant positive good vibes and just an all-round legend. On ya Marty.


7. Favourite quote or piece of advice to inspire?

A friend said to me recently "Everything you want is on the other side of fear" which resonated with me and reminded me that we all need to take risks, do things that scare us regularly and to have faith in order to grow. Challenges are wonderful, even if they seem awful at the time.


To see more from Vivianne follow her at @lauraalycebell