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Joel Alston - 7 Questions to inspire

Joel Alston - 7 Questions to inspire

Joel Alston - 7 Questions to inspire

We caught up with wedding photographer Joel from Barefoot & Bearded to see what's inspiring him.

Photography: Barefoot & Bearded

Where do you currently call home? Why? What do you like about it?
I currently own a house with my wife and 1yr old son in Newcastle NSW. But, I travel so much for my work so I bounce a lot between Blue Mountains, Barrington Tops, Southern Highlands & Watagens National park in my beautiful van the "Gus Bus". I love the coastal lifestyle of Newcastle with awesome cafe's, restaurants and beautiful beaches. I also love how close it is to so many epic locations and national parks. As a photographer, epic locations are paramount in my industry!
What's something you're working on at the moment? Why are you looking forward to it?
I am currently starting to run camping/adventure based photography workshops with my mate Aaron Shum. The workshop is called "EXPSD Adventures". ( We are both great friends and both passionate about adventure, we saw an opportunity to bring the photography community together and share our knowledge and create an epic experience! Our first workshop is in the Blue Mountains this coming August Exposed is hands on photography camping workshop out in elements. We are all about creating an epic experience as well as educating the photography community. We want you to walk away from this camping workshop feeling refreshed and ready to approach your business and photography with your new perspective! I get such a buzz out of it.


Joel is wearing William Brown

Tell us about a conversation or experience you've had recently that inspired you...
I recently shot the most beautifully, intimate same-sex elopement in Kangaroo Valley booked through my elopement company called "Anteloping". ( This couple was so immensely in love and so open to the vulnerability of their love for each other. There were so many tears of joy, goosebumps and beautifully happy moments. When I am able to go to a new location that is so full of intense energy, and combine that with a couple that are just so vulnerable for their immense love for one another.... when I create an image that brings those same emotions back, that just brings me to pieces and gives me a sense of purpose and reassurance for all my hard work.
Where was your last adventure?
My last adventure was to Kangaroo Valley & the Blue Mountains where I shot that same-sex elopement & also went to photograph a Blue Mountains engagement shoot. But this coming August I am heading to Tasmania, Mt Hotham & Blue Mountains for a mix of elopements, weddings, engagement shoots and finish with the EXPSD Adventure workshop.
We know all adventures have ups and downs, can you share with us best and worst parts of this adventure?
The last adventure started off really epic. Finding awesome waterfalls, thick dense forests and beautiful campground with so much wildlife around (wombats, kangaroo's, cockatoos etc..) But about halfway through, specifically the day after the same sex elopement I fell violently ill! Turns out sleeping in a poorly insulated van in minus degree temperatures as well as pretty much living off coffee and "up n go's" isn't a particularly healthy diet haha. So I took a full day off from adventuring with a bit of a detox meditation day and came out pretty good the next day.


Nick is wearing Calloway Ash

If you could travel anywhere with anyone where would you go and who would you take. And why?
If I could go ANYWHERE I would love to be able to venture into Russia's northern archipelago's. I feel like there would be so many unknown amazing locations that are DYING to be discovered and photographed. But, Russia's reputation does force me to hesitate a bit haha. I would, of course, take my wife! She is the best travel buddy ever. She feels the energy of places like I do and enjoys the rawness of the earth's potential!
Favourite quote or piece of advice to inspire?
Take the road less traveled. You'll never know what you'll find at the end, and remember that the journey is just as important as the destination!

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