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Tips for Plastic Free July

Tips for Plastic Free July

Tips for Plastic Free July



We had a chat to a few legends doing awesome work in this space to help us live more plastic free

We chatted to Take 3, Clean Coast Collective, Plastic free Mermaid and Earth Bottles

What once started as a humble office initiative by the Earth Carers in Perth is now Plastic Free July, a not-for-profit foundation. On a mission since 2011 to build a Global movement that dramatically reduces the use of plastic and improves recycling,

now has over 2 million people across 159 countries participating in the annual challenge. With this year’s challenge now in full swing, we spoke to a few Pioneers of conscious living about what they’re doing to keep July (and every other month) plastic free!

Roberta Dixon-Valk & Amanda Marechal are the humans behind Take 3. The idea is to take 3 pieces of rubbish with you whenever you leave a beach, waterway, woodland space or anywhere! Believing that the multiplier effect of our actions should never be underestimated. Each day for them consists of conscious steps to lighten their plastic footprint by doing simple things like buying from bulk food stores, using reusable produce bags, or opting for mushrooms paper bags when they’ve forgotten theirs.
Always utilising glass water bottles, cups, jars etc for everyday things like coffee, smoothies and water! During Plastic Free July, Roberta plans to take the extra step by making time to bake biscuits and chocolates for her sweet-toothed family instead of buying sweets in plastic wrapping.
Nat and Dan are the legends who run the not-for-profit organisation Clean Coast Collective. Raising awareness about plastic pollution by taking groups to Cape York for rubbish clean up expeditions dubbed “trash tribe” (12 tonnes of rubbish already collected) and sell a range of plastic free lifestyle products to help people move away from single use plastics
For anyone who is on the journey of reducing their plastic footprint, Nat and Dan suggest choosing a week to take note of all the plastic consumption you engage in every day. This raises self-awareness, so you know exactly where to start. During Plastic Free July they will further implement awareness raising within their co-working business - The Corner Palm. Already providing the space with mugs, glasses, cutlery/crockery, liner free bins and compost they will further educate their permanent residents on the topic and help spread the word.
Water woman and ocean lover, Kate Nelson is the powerhouse behind Plastic Free Mermaid. After moving to the ever-progressive Byron Bay where Kate flourished in the plastic free world, her two companies: Plastic Free Mermaid & I quit Plastics were born. Alarmed by the brutal fact that hundreds of marine lives can be killed within the lifespan of a single piece of plastic, Kate urges us to be that one person who avoids plastic, starting with giving up disposable plastics like straws, bags and coffee cups.
Plastic Free July is every single day, month and year to Plastic Free Mermaid. With her homemade shampoo, toothpaste and bamboo lifestyle products always at hand, Kate will continue to spread awareness to the world this July!
Earth Bottles started as the idea of sustainable merchandise for musician Ash Grunwald. After spending time on the beaches in Bali noticing the absurd amount of plastic water bottles in the ocean they wanted to create a product useful to the consumer that would also help the environment. With the latest facts showing that 500 million PET water bottles are produced each year with only 30% being recycled, Earth Bottles urge each of us to have a second thought before buying a single use plastic drink.
One choice can make a huge difference. Having just started making their own personal deodorant, for them Plastic Free July will consist of further avoiding any plastic packaging, making their own toothpaste and continue to grow their ‘plastic free kitty’ that sits in each car every day!