October 10, 2019

Well-travelled wedding photographer Alex Cohen found her slice of heaven right here in the Land Down Under.

Originally from France, Alex Cohen is a wedding photographer, traveller, and an adventurous soul! 9 years ago she packed up and left the busy streets of romantic Paris in search of new landscapes, territories and golden light all over the world.
Eager to be immersed in the plethora of emotions that come with travelling the world, meeting interesting people and capturing incredible moments, Alex finally landed in the Land Down Under. With open arms, Australia welcomed her and with arms wide-open, Alex has embraced every experience since.
If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting this absolute ray of sunshine, you’ll know the rarity of Alex without a hat atop her head. But it’s not just her strong collection of hats from all over the world that we all know and love her for, but for the experience, she cultivates for us as viewers of her work.
The thick passion and lust for capturing and preserving moments that cannot be described, neither retold nor explained is exactly the feeling you get when you look at one of her images. And we think it takes a certain type of person to play a big part of someone’s big day and nail it. Alex is that type of person.
After leaping faith with a one-way ticket to Aus, leaving behind the romantically renowned Paris, Alex had her whole life (well, at least everything she needed) right there in her rather small suitcase. After studying Photography for 2 years and plunging straight into starting her own business, Cohen has built a strong foundation with clients, past and present, and has been within the Wedding realm for 3 years now.
And viewing her images is not dissimilar to being within her presence. A strong sense of honesty, boldness, emotion, and adventure is not only what she emanates as a person but can be seen throughout her works as a photographer. With an eye for those moments that speak louder and longer when captured, Cohen creates a ripple effect of on going memories that tell stories, just by looking at her images.
But it surely hasn’t been all butterflies, golden light and globe-trotting antics. Alex described one of her most gruelling creative blocks as the thing that nearly squashed her creativity completely. It was during the 2 years of her photography studies when she realised that every bit of passion for the craft was slowly diminishing.
After graduating she decided to step back first before plunging into the industry in fear of succumbing to a soulless job, resulting in a lack of what was once lust for photography! So to honour and preserve her creativity and drive, she slowly pondered on what was integral to her in photography and begun shooting whatever she wanted. Now she speaks of her current situation as the perfect combo: flexibility, travel, and weddings!
“So why Australia?” we asked Cohen and her answer found us falling in love (again) with the things we all seem to take for granted. The sunshine, the ocean, the rugged country, and the laid back nature are all things that not every country has in abundance like us.
She described growing up in Paris as something that never felt completely right, as if she just didn’t belong there and that arriving in Australia to now living in Perth has been a total rebirth.
“It’s the best decision I have ever made and I can now say that I am living my dream in my dream country. Australia has shaped me, from the travels and the people I’ve met to going down to the beach on a casual Monday afternoon, I still get goosebumps. I made it, I’m living here.”

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