February 21, 2020

We’ve been working with the legends over at EXPSD Adventures Photography Workshop for 3 years now and we absolutely love what these guys are doing!

EXPSD (meaning exposed) is the brainchild of Joel (from Barefoot & Bearded) and Aaron (from Aaron Shum Photography) birthed only 3 years ago in 2017 as a small photography workshop.
What started as glamping tents in the blue mountains is now a 4-day annual affair upon the Mt Hotham summit in an epic mountain lodge chalet!
Man holds camera as a group of photographers huddle around to view the image
When we started following the work of Joel and Aaron, we knew straight away that it was people like this -- breaking the mold of traditions -- who we wanted to work with. And so when they launched EXPSD back in 2017, we just had to jump on board!
You see, their style is like no other.. showcasing the freedom of wedding couples celebrating their day how they want and facilitating a comfortable space to break away from traditions (if that’s what you’re into).
And like any small business, things start out small, and slowly you expand. With every year comes bigger and better plans for EXPSD, new goals are set and hopes of someday having EXPSD held overseas in places like South Island NZ is a dream of Joel and Aaron’s (at this rate we have no doubt that they’ll get there!).
Male and female lay close together with eyes closed and heads touching A group of photographers in Will & Bear Beanies gather around to capture the same subject
Picture this; you’re amongst one of the most beautiful alpine regions of Australia in a cliff edge chalet, with food, beers, and good vibes.
Combine that with 4 days of photographing, sharing ideas and inspirations with like-minded people and gaining knowledge from industry-leading photographers.
What more could you want right? Perhaps a free beanie? Yep, that’s right, we give each workshop attendee a free beanie and there’s plenty of hats up for grabs too! After all, you’ll need something to keep that noggin warm.
Male and female couple pose in front of a photography group on top of a mountainBlack and white image of photographer shooting an image on a medium format cameraMale and female couple pose in front of a misty valley whilst group of photographers capture their image
But hang on... you’re not an established photographer? Don’t sweat, EXPSD ensures they’ve got something for everyone of all levels and encourages any type of photographer to come along.
Whether you’re an iPhone enthusiast or a full-time photographer, they’ve got your back and are confident that each and every person will walk away with inspiration full to the brim, spilling out the edges and conversations worth gold to keep in their pocket forever.
Class of EXSPD photography workshop students taking notes in classroomA view of the winding road ahead from inside a car
The journey of EXPSD Adventures workshop has been nothing short of epic for us to watch and be more and more apart of every year.
It’s also pretty humbling knowing that each year, a new group of inspiring creatives are all sporting our hats and beanies in the wild alpine region of Victoria, capturing moments and memories they’ll have forever.
Female wearing wide brim hat poses with male partner amongst a backdrop of layered mountains whilst photographers capture the imageMale standing behind his female partner intimately staring down at her whilst she looks back at him
If you’re interested in signing up, the next EXPSD workshop is held in Mount Hotham this coming May 18th-21st and spots are filling fast!
Joel Aston of EXSPD photography workshops wears Will & Bear wide brim hat whilst capturing the sunset
Sign up here:

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