February 19, 2021

Bus Life Vol.2

Welcome to the second series of Bus Life! Last series we focused solely on 3 epic couples who took to a new way of life. In this series you’ll find 3 families who have taken life off the beaten track and onto a big home on wheels.

Who are @theflowerdays and how did you end up living in a bus? We are luna, Ben, Atti & Juni - a little buslife fam travelling and exploring Australia in our ‘91 Toyota coaster, Delilah. Bus life has always been a dream of ours and we thought why not do it with the kids while they’re young ha! We sold everything we owned and slowly built up our online business so we’d be earning enough to fund our new lifestyle on the road.

Where have your travels taken you so far? So far we’ve done the east coast of Aus from cape tribulation in Queensland down to Kiama in NSW which we then went inland to avoid last year's fires before travelling to Tasmania and spending 5 monthsthere!

How do you find sharing your space with other people? Bus life with kids is hectic chaos but we try to stick to a routine as much as we can. Ben and I each try and take some time for ourselves each day to decompress and spend as much time outside in Mother Nature as we can always help. So nice for the kids to have the ever changing scenery of great outdoors as their backyard

Top 5 Tips for Bus life: 1. Spend a lot of time planning your build, looking at other builds, asking questions and even take it on a few weekends away to see if you like the layout before finalising everything. When you’re in a small space things that aren’t quite right will niggle you all day long.
2. Get a composting toilet - saves you having to only look for spots to stay that have one, or holding on trying to find one
3. Minimise your life and belongings to the bare minimum - we started with wayyyy too much stuff
4. Invest in a quality water filter - tap water where you’re able to fill up sometimes is gross
5. Get as big a fridge as you can - saves going to the shops as much

Who are the @slowly.salty ‘s ? Tell us a little about you and your bus crew. Our Slowly Salty crew consists of - Kallie (27), Dylan (25), Lincoln (5) and Zephyr (1) and Rupert our family dog. We are a young family of four currently renovating our 2nd bus after travelling Australia in our Nissan Civilian Bus called Nelly. We purchased Nelly in late 2017 and self-converted her to become our home on wheels for the last 2 and a bit years where our dream of living life on the road began and we’ve been loving life ever since.

And how did you end up living in a bus? Our original inspiration came on our honeymoon in 2017 after we road-tripped through the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We loved how much time we got to spend together compared to our everyday 9-to-5 lives. We started to really believe that there was more to life than what we get sold by the majority of the population. Up until this point we had spent our adult lives saving for and renovating our house so we could ‘properly’ support our new family. We started to discuss the prospect of buying a van when we got home to do a bit of travelling on weekends and holidays, after that it quickly escalated to ‘let’s buy a bus’ for a more permanent lifestyle change and to travel Australia.We wanted a lifestyle where we would spend more time with each other and both of us being present in our children’s lives. We wanted a lifestyle that contained adventure, new experiences and beautiful views.

Favourite destination? I feel that the answer to this question changes day to day depending on what we miss the most from our travels but I feel that the overall favourite place for us would have to be the Cape Range National Park in Exmouth, WA. It has some of the best snorkeling we’ve ever done right on your doorstep, mass amounts of wildlife in and out of the water and the potential for your grommies to catch a novelty wave with a turtle or a reef shark floating on by.

Top 5 Tips for Bus life: 1. Always be flexible while travelling. Things don’t always go to plan when you’re travelling and often have to be re-arranged, you might have to sleep in a free camp or truck stop instead in the caravan park you wanted.
2. You can never carry too much water or food! This one is extra important when travelling on the west coast. Oh or a spare jerry can or two!
3. Ice blocks are key to keeping everyone happy in an un-airconditioned bus.
4. Have a plan for each individual that's travelling with you to be able to get some alone time if needed. Living in a small space is usually fine but if a heated moment arises it's good knowing exactly what you can do to remove yourself from the situation.

Tell us a bit about @frontier_tribe and the crew onboard! We started life in the bus when Zion was 2, he had his 3rd birthday on the road over in Raglan New Zealand and Zephaniah our newest was only 3 months old, he managed to score his 1st birthday over in Bali, which was pretty epic. We have another new edition to the fam due early Jan next year. Kez and I are in our prime ha!

What made you make the move to bus life? When we had Zion we felt that the overseas travel season had finished for us financially speaking so we looked into doubling our family car as a getaway machine. We managed to score a pretty clean VW transporter and got to work building a fold-out bed and sliders in the back with a mate of mine who is a builder. One Christmas holiday we lived out of it for 6 weeks and made our way down the East Coast and into the Snowy Mountains. From that trip, we knew we wanted to do this sort of travel long term. After a few trips away though we felt that we needed more room if we were going to do it long term so we got rid of the van and found our dream bus.

What's the plan for the future travels? It's funny this morning before work I was watching an epic little Torren Martyn film of him surfing through NZ. I think that place is super underrated for waves, scenery and ease of getting around. Not to mention it's so close to Australia. If restrictions lift we would love to head back there and spend a bit more time exploring. We've talked about moving over there to live for a season or two, we would also like to go and live in Finland as Kez's family is from up there.

Top 5 Tips for Bus life: 1. Spend the extra money and buy a reliable Bus.
2. Make a plan of where you want to go, then half it and then half it again.
3. Set some Values of why you're going. There's a difference between wanting to see heaps of locations and spending quality time with who you are with.
4. Stay off-grid as much as you can, you will see way more stars than if you're in a Caravan Park.
5. It's super cliche but - Plan loosely, go with the flow.

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